Meet Mr Healthcliff, read the story of his heart-warming recovering journey and witness his transformation from a badly injured, fleas covered stray cat to a beautiful, affectionate, loving being.


Meet Calvin, once a starved street pigeon, who has now grown into a gorgeous happy bird thanks to Kimberley's intensive care.


Meet Coco and River, a rainbow lorikeet and a quaker parrot, read the story of their rare companionship formed during rough times. 


Meet all the animals, who are happily living in Kimberley's Animal Sanctuary. 


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Meet Mia and her babies
Meet Calvin

Help the animals, make a donation to Kimberley

There are over 50 small animals currently living in Kimberley's home based animal sanctuary.


They all require feeding daily, such as cat biscuits, seed, pellets, hay and lots, lots of fresh fruit and vegatables. 


In addition Kimberley uses extra straw and hay as bedding/floor coverings so she usually goes through about a bale of that a fortnight too. 


These lovely souls also need toys/enrichment and the biggest/most homelike enclosures Kimberley can afford. The rats especially are due for a home upgrade when there is enough money.


Then there is also the vet bills which are constant. The cats all need annual vaccinations, the rabbits need them every ten months, and everybody's health issues need to be kept on top of. It is very rare that Kimberley gets through a week without seeing the vet at least once, the vet bill for the cats alone is already in the thousands.


Please help, if you can.


Following is a direct Paypal donation link to Kimberley, thank you so much for helping these lovely animals.